AgEtal's Response to COVID-19

As you will be all too aware, the whole world is in a state of panic and flux at the moment because of the Covid19 Coronavirus. Unfortunately, AgEtal is not immune from the fallout, irrespective of our own opinions of whether the pandemic is being correctly managed at an international level or local level. The international response appears to be designed to slow the rate of infection rather than try to contain it or allow it to develop unchecked. This will be massively disruptive! What we would like to see, is that the vulnerable are well protected, and that the fit and healthy amongst us be allowed to get it and deal with it as we would any other kind of cold or flu. That is unlikely to happen for the foreseeable future. What is a far more likely scenario, is that if any staff member working in a business is suspected of carrying the virus, that entire business will be quarantined. This means that it is incumbent on all of our staff and visitors to AgEtal to be extremely diligent in their efforts to remain healthy and avoid cross contamination.

Simple avoidance advice:

  • If you have cold or flu symptoms or have come into contact with a known case of Covid19, please don’t come into any of AgEtal’s laboratories under any circumstances - 14 day off site restriction applies, subject to clearance from your doctor. Please be particularly aware of symptoms of cold and flu in those close to you. If you have any concerns, please give our laboratory a call.
  • If you intend dropping samples or other deliveries off at AgEtal laboratories, please consider if this needs to be done in person or if the samples can be left in our after-hours box. If you would prefer to do this, rather than come into the laboratory, we will not be offended. The only thing that we would ask is that all paperwork required for sample submission is properly completed. We will leave forms and pens in the box.
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • We will not be offended if you don’t extend your hand for a handshake. Please don’t be offended if we do likewise.
  • Spray door handles and other surfaces that regularly come into hand contact with Glen20 or 70% ethanol.
  • Practise social distancing wherever possible, especially when working in the laboratory.
  • Wherever possible, we will make arrangements for staff to work remotely.

We sincerely hope that our services to agriculture won’t be disrupted by the Covid19. We are already implementing a strategy that will give us a degree of continuity, albeit with some inconvenience. In the event that we are directly impacted, I envisage a number of scenarios that will affect our ability to service our customers:

  • Reduced staffing - we will consider Germination Tests and export compliance work to be the most critical. These will be attended to first, and depending on our capacity, we will attend Purity and other work after that.
  • In the event that our entire laboratory is quarantined, we sincerely regret that this will result in delays beyond our control.

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Issued by Luanne Cunliffe Director Webform WAM03 03/12/20

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